The Paper Time Machine

Wolfgang Wild is the creator of Retronaut – a brand that shows “the past like you wouldn’t believe”. In its article on Retronaut, Fast Company wrote: “Retronaut’s images are chosen to make the viewer feel like they’re looking not at the past, but rather at a different version of the present.” In 2014, Wild licensed Retronaut to Mashable and National Geographic published the first Retronaut book with two further books following in 2016. Number 20 on the Times of London’s list of the “50 people you should follow on Twitter”, Wild is guest curator for a range of digital and physical museums, and lives near Oxford, England, with his wife, Annie, and two children.[1]

Jordan Lloyd is the director of Dynamichrome, a team of creative experts based in London and Cambridge. We are dedicated to sharing the stories behind some of history’s greatest black and white photographs through digital colour reconstruction.
Early photographic technology lacked a crucial ingredient – colour – the gap between the world as we see it, and the abstract, black and white world we imagine. As early as the invention of the medium, skilled artisans applied colour to photographs by hand, making an attempt to convey the vibrancy and immediacy of life in colour.[1]

[1] Unbound, Books are now in yours hands

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